Sunday Business Post: HR Application for staff leave

We were delighted to be covered in the Sunday Business Post earlier this week. article in the Sunday Business Post

Sunday Business Post: " will save you money from day one"

The article read:

Dublin company Evolution has launched new software to manage staff leave. Online tracking system caters for full-time, part-time and shift workers. It is provided as a software-as-a-service solution, which allows companies to tailor content based on the type of leave involved.

For example, in addition to annual leave and sick leave, they can also include maternity and parental leave and jury duty.

The application is available free of charge to organisations with ten or fewer employees based in one department and in one location. For organisations with more than ten employees, the cost increases on a sliding scale depending on staff numbers, departments, locations and leave types.

Established in 2006, Evolution is a human resources software company headquartered in NovaUCD, the innovation and technology transfer centre in University College Dublin.

“ is online, affordable, easy-to-use and once it’s set up, you need never worry about employees’ absences again. If you look at the high cost of time and mistakes that are inherent in manual systems, you’ll see that will save you money from day one,” said Alistair Thacker, Evolution’s co-founder.

This article appeared in the Sunday Business Post on Jan 17th 2010.

Annual leave for shift workers

Yesterday I got a call from Ahmad. Ahmad is looking for a system for tracking annual leave however his organisation doesn’t work Monday to Friday – for Ahmad’s company, everybody takes Friday and Saturday off, but most annual leave systems assume that everybody works Monday to Friday.

I had good news for Ahmad. can track annual leave for people who work Sunday to Thursday.  It can also track annual leave for part time workers. In fact, even if you require a system for tracking annual leave for shift workers, who work any pattern of shifts, you can do it in 

We put a lot of research into the annual leave tracking systems available on the internet before we started designing As far as we could find there is no other internet based annual leave tracking system for shift workers. We’re delighted to be offering this first.