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Credit where credit is due, we’ve been trialling these guys for a tool to help us track our tasks, priorities, time and progress as we develop the next version of AnnualLeave.com and we think its’ worth sharing with you.   It’s worth a look in our opinion.

AnnualLeave.com removes hassle of holiday time

Thanks to TechCentral.ie – Ireland’s Software for Business Blog who gave us this write-up today:

Evolution, the NovaUCD-based human resources software company, has announced the launch of AnnualLeave.com (www.annualleave.com), an application enabling organisations to track their employees’ annual or sick leave with the minimum of time and effort. It is also the first online annual leave system to cater for part-time and shift work employees.

AnnualLeave.com enables organisations to reduce mistakes in administration of annual leave by automatically enforcing parameters set by each organisation. Its flexibility ensures that organisations have complete control over the number of departments and locations covered, and can create other leave types such as maternity leave, parental leave and jury duty. Organisations can also create their own subdomain with a customised login page including branding the system with their own corporate logos.

AnnualLeave.com is provided as a software-as-a-service and is available for free to organisations with 10 or fewer employees based in one department and one location. For organisations with more than 10 employees the cost increases on a sliding scale depending on the number of employees, departments, locations, leave types to be catered for.

You can view the article here: http://www.techcentral.ie/article.aspx?id=14522

Snow costs UK companies over £2.2 billion in staff absence

More employees stayed at home last week due to adverse weather, than ever seen before, according to absence management organisation FirstCare.

Almost 14% of the UK workforce stayed at home on Wednesday, over 15% on Thursday and just over 10% on Friday because of the extreme weather conditions the UK. It is estimated that the direct costs to the UK companies will exceed £2.2bn*.

Aaron Ross, CEO of FirstCare, said:”With the cold snap continuing into next week we expect high levels of absence to persist”

“It is paramount employers review and revise their working plans for the days ahead to ensure employee safety is at the top of the agenda. Whether it’s asking employees to work from home or even closing the office, all activities should be effectively communicated with staff and information around pay given. In addition, guidance should be given on what business activities are essential and which can be put on hold until the weather improves.

“Employers should also give appropriate advice to their employees about how to travel safely in the icy conditions. Already, and as FirstCare saw in February 2009, the emergency services are reporting an increase in fractures and injuries as people make unnecessary journeys and end up slipping on ice.

“We advise all employers to ensure that they are also making adequate provisions to ensure the safety of employees in their car parks and communal areas as the treacherous conditions remain.”

Read the original article here: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/news/rss/976514/Snow-costs-UK-companies-22-billion-staff-absence/

Easy Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking

sCommerce - the Social Commerce Blog

Happy 2010 everyone, from all at AnnualLeave.com.

We were delighted to start the year with another great review. This time it’s from sCommerce – the social commerce blog.

You can read the full review here: http://www.scommerce.com/annualleave-easy-vacation-and-sick-leave-tracking/