Review: is a “Killer Start-up”

We’re delighted with the good people at who wrote a review – entirely unprompted by us – of  Here’s what they had to say:

In a nutshell, this is a web-based tool that will enable any employer to track annual and sick leave within any specific period of time. By way of the provided dashboard, anybody can track the absences of those that work for him, and ensure that everything is going according to schedule.

The provided interface makes registering a leave very easy – it is all taken care of by dragging and dropping the relevant element into the calendar which is provided, whereas a clear advantage of the site is that both part time employees and shift workers are accounted for.

As it is only fit, reports can be produced in a very simple way – all you do is set a couple of parameters and click on a button in order to have it all displayed and ready to be printed.

You can sign up for a free subscription on the site, and give this system a good try in order to determine if it can turn out be what your company needs in order to run more smoothly or not. And since it is completely configurable and brandable you can integrate it as much as you want in case all is fine.

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Freshbooks – Our Heros

Freshbooks - Painless Billing

Freshbooks - Painless Billing

We love FreshBooks. They are our heros.

If you ever want a textbook example of how to create a SaaS company, Freshbooks should be your #1 starting point.

Why we love them:

  • They have a great product and they continually strive to improve it.
  • They understand that usability is #1 for end users. A lot of applications get bolted together and gradually begin to stop making sense – not freshbooks. Every page looks like it was actaully meant to be the way it is – not like it started as one thing and gradually grew into something else. 
  • They engage with their customers, really listen and act on feedback.
  • They have everything automated, but they will still talk to you if you like.
  • They have the on-line marketing and social networking sussed. A lot of people are guessing how to use it, they just know.

If turns into just half the company FreshBooks is, I’d be a happy man.