is Launched!

We’re delighted to announce the has launched today, please visit and see the most flexible and easiest to use AnnualLeave and Sick Leave tracking application on the web!

Free Annual Leave tracking software

One of our competitors signed up a lot of customers over the last year by offering a “free account”. The have now decided to retract this free account and their customers must now either sign up for a paid subscription or clear off. Not so easy when all your data is already in the system and all your employees are using it. We think this is a lousy trick. will come with a free account option and we’d like to state quite clearly that any free account for our annual leave tracking system will reamain free forever. No exceptions.

Naturally we’d love if customers chose to sign up for a paid subscription, but if they choose not to, then that’s not a problem – we won’t leave you high and dry! will launch it’s free annual leave and sick leave tracking system in November 2009.

Small change to launch date

Hi Everyone.

We regret to announce that we have to delay our launch by week or two. There are a few great features that we are racing to get included. We really didn’t want to delay but it’s more important to us that the system is absolutely 100% when it launches. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we promise it’ll be worth the wait.

The new launch date will be announced later this week.

Thanks for your patience,


Annual leave for shift workers

Yesterday I got a call from Ahmad. Ahmad is looking for a system for tracking annual leave however his organisation doesn’t work Monday to Friday – for Ahmad’s company, everybody takes Friday and Saturday off, but most annual leave systems assume that everybody works Monday to Friday.

I had good news for Ahmad. can track annual leave for people who work Sunday to Thursday.  It can also track annual leave for part time workers. In fact, even if you require a system for tracking annual leave for shift workers, who work any pattern of shifts, you can do it in 

We put a lot of research into the annual leave tracking systems available on the internet before we started designing As far as we could find there is no other internet based annual leave tracking system for shift workers. We’re delighted to be offering this first.

Avoid having too many people off at one time

When you are managing your employees’ annual leave and sick leave, it’s important that you don’t have too many people absent at one time.  It’s very easy to approve a lot of employees’ requests for time off and suddenly find that you have too many people off at one time.

With you will be able to set a “maximum absence level” for each department (and/or each location) and will stop any requests for time off which would leave you with too few staff.

Just one more way we’ll help you simplify your annual leave process.