New Pricing

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we agree – we had a big jump in pricing between 100 users and the next level which used to be 250 users. As it happens a lot of the people who are considering our annual leave tracking software for 2010 have around 100 users.

Adding user number 101 was going to double the monthly subscription.

So, we’ve listened to your feedback and we’re delighted to announce our new “expansion friendly” pricing levels so you can grow from 100 to 150 or even to 300 with only a small increase in monthly subscription.

With you can control your monthly spend and still have the flexibility to grow without constant upgrading.

Some annual leave tracking applications charge the the number of users you have during the month, but please do check the small print – does this include test users, deleted users or people you create by accident and then delete? Has your spend crept up slowly over the last few months? With you know where you stand.