We love documentation

Our spec before the editing starts...

Regular readers of this blog will know that for the last few months, we’ve been designing a new version of AnnualLeave.com for 2012. We’re really excited about it. We’re nearing the end of the design phase, and we’re almost finished the functional specification (all 690 pages of it! – It’ll hit 700 by the time we sign it off, no doubt).

As any developer will tell you, documentation is about as much fun as root canal surgery, however it’s a highly important and ultimately time-saving in the long run. A good rule of thumb is that 1 hour spent on documentation saves 10 hours of development time.

So, what’s going to be in the new version?  Well, all in good time.  We’ve got some fantastic features coming that we know you are going to love. We’re going to release details of all the new features in the coming weeks, along with screens-shots to whet your appetite.

So, even though we’re about the sign off the spec and let the development team loose to start coding, we’re still open for ideas and requests.  Drop us a line for anything you’d like to see in our employee absence planning system and we’ll do our best to incorporate it.

Having said that, with a spec that’s 690 pages, there’s a good chance it might already be in there!


New annual leave dashboard

We’ve updated the dashboard that is displayed once you log in. We are confident that the new design will make a system easier to navigate. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.