Join our customer panel!


We’ve got some really amazing plans for the 2012 version of – all of which will be revealed here in good time.

In the office, we’ve been pinning up screen-shots, and filling whiteboards with mind maps and – my personal favourite – we each have an A3 sketch book where we doodle and scribble ideas at random when discussing ideas. There are screen-sketches, database designs, flowcharts and big scribbles through ideas that didn’t work out.

This is all very well but what we really want to do now is show all this people who can give us honest feedback and constructive criticism. We don’t want to go off chasing an idea that we think is cool, if nobody is going to use it. Likewise, if something is useful to a customer, we want to get it perfect.

We’ve decided to create a customer panel: up to 20 customers from different companies and countries who are willing to sign an NDA and then we’ll send them screens and presentations, we’ll have calls and on-line forums and they will have direct access to our product development team. The members of the panel can be involved to whatever extent they feel they want to.

In return for this, we’ll be offering their company free for a year.

If you are full of great ideas and want to be on the panel, please email and we’ll get in touch.

We can’t guarantee that everyone will be accepted, and it’s not a first-come, first served process. We want to make sure all types of customer, across all regions are represented.